Shareholders Communication Policy

As part of the implementation of good corporate governance, the Company is committed to upholding the principle of transparency and enhancing long-term shareholder value through regular communications with its shareholders, both individuals and institutions. The Company strives to ensure that all shareholders have timely access to all publicly available information of the Company. For this purpose, the Company has adopted a Shareholders Communication Policy. This Policy sets out the framework that the Company has put in place to promote effective communication with shareholders so as to enable them to engage actively with the Company and exercise their rights as shareholders in an informed manner.

The annual GMS and extraordinary GMS are the primary forum for communication with shareholders and for shareholders’ participation. The Company also conducts an annual public expose after each annual GMS to provide company updates to the shareholders and the investment community.

The Company reports its financial statements on a quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis. Financial information, annual reports and other shareholders communication, as well as general information of the Company is made available on the website of the Company at www.watsons.biz.id.

The Company has also provided a channel for the stakeholders to submit their opinions, complaints, and questions through corporate.secretary@watsons.co.id. For urgent queries that require quicker responses during working hours, the Company can be contacted through +62 (21) 2128-3001.

The Company recognises the importance of the privacy of shareholders and will not disclose the information of shareholders without their consent, unless required by law to do so.

Besides its corporate website, the Company continues to explore new ways to broaden its use of information technology as a means for disclosure of information.